Employer enrolment

Joining a pension plan is a big and exciting step for your organization. It's an investment in your future and there’s a lot to consider. This guide walks you through plan benefits, eligibility, responsibilities, and enrolment so you can decide if the plan is right for you and your employees.


If your BC business is based on the performance of public services for the BC government, directly or indirectly controlled by the BC government, or exclusively engaged in providing public services for the BC government, a BC public sector entity, or a public function entity, then your organization may be eligible to join the plan.

Consult the Terms and Conditions of New Employer Eligibility to find out if your organization meets enrolment requirements.

Your organization will also need to determine which classes of employees you want to participate in the plan, such as employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement or all employees.

You will then need to identify which of your employees are eligible to be enrolled in the plan. They must be enrolled if they are any of the following:

  • Regular employees
  • Non-regular employees (e.g., auxiliary, casual or temporary employees) who, in any calendar year, earn a salary exceeding 50 per cent of the year's maximum pensionable earnings.
  • Assistant deputy ministers and associate deputy ministers
  • Employees who must enrol because an enactment or Order-in-Council specifically states the enrolment rules apply to them

Some employees may qualify for optional enrolment (e.g., auxiliary, casual or temporary employees who have completed two years of continuous employment) and may opt out of contributing to the plan.

Employees who meet the eligibility criteria at the time your organization joins the plan will have a one-time option to waive enrolment within 90 days of your plan-participation start date. If your employees do not waive enrolment in writing within this period, they must be automatically enrolled. If any of your employees already contribute to the plan through another plan employer, they will fall under the mandatory enrolment rules and must be enrolled. They will not be able to opt out. New employees hired after your enrolment start date must also be enrolled according to eligibility criteria in the plan rules.

Refer to the Employer Instruction Manual for more information.

The year's maximum pensionable earnings (YMPE)

YMPE for 2024 is $68,500.