Employer enrolment

Joining a pension plan is a big and exciting step for your organization. It's an investment in your future and there’s a lot to consider. This guide walks you through plan benefits, eligibility, responsibilities, and enrolment so you can decide if the plan is right for you and your employees.

Roles and responsibilities of plan membership

We have a strong team of professionals devoted to providing your organization with quality, cost-effective support. Yet, becoming a plan employer carries financial and administrative responsibilities as well. Pension administration is complex; it requires teamwork and extra time. You will need to have staff or a payroll provider carry out some pension administration tasks.

As a plan employer, your organization is responsible for the following:

  • Paying (remitting) employer and employee contributions after each pay cycle.
  • Sharing information about the plan with your employees who are eligible to join the plan.

    The Guide for plan members contains valuable information that will help your employees learn about plan membership and their pension. You must provide your employees with a copy of the guide as a requirement of the Pension Benefits Standards Act at least 30 days before they are eligible to join the plan, or on or before their employment date when they are eligible to join the plan within 30 days after starting work.
    • To provide a paper copy, click the print icon at the bottom of each web page.
    • To provide an electronic copy, you must first obtain the employee’s consent. After they have provided consent to receive an electronic copy, you must provide clear, written instructions to the employee that tells them:
      • where and how they can access the guide on the plan site (see below)
      • that if they request a paper copy at any time, you will provide it to them
    • The guide can be accessed in two ways:
      • from the plan site, enter the search term “guide for plan members” and then click Guide for plan members
      • from this direct link: Guide for plan members
  • Providing us with your employees’ pension data (service, salary and contributions) bi-annually (refer to the Employer Instruction Manual).

  • Ensuring your organization has the appropriate technical requirements, including Excel and a payroll system (refer to the Employer Web Services E-Handbook).

Resources mentioned on this page

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Guide for plan members (link to member website)

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