Employer enrolment

Joining a pension plan is a big and exciting step for your organization. It's an investment in your future and there’s a lot to consider. This guide walks you through plan benefits, eligibility, responsibilities, and enrolment so you can decide if the plan is right for you and your employees.

Next steps

Once your application is approved, your organization will receive a Welcome to Your Plan package by email from our employer operations branch, with information outlining the next steps. This includes information, such as employer education and the employer newsletter, to help your staff administer your employees’ pensions.

If you did not provide the following forms with your application package, you must complete them when your organization is accepted into the plan. These forms grant you access to the secure employer website where you will remit contributions and enrol employees. Processing these forms can take up to two business weeks.

For more information about the secure employer website, consult the Employer Web Services E-Handbook.